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MusicStacker digitally plays and simultaneously REMASTERs your protected or unprotected music.


The following features are provided to the user.

(1)   MusicStacker lets you re-master your online copy protected music.

(2)   MusicStacker lets you save the music in any of the following formats MP3, WAV, OGG and RAW.

(3)   MusicStacker automatically tags output music with ID3 Tag for MP3 outputs.

(4)   MusicStacker lets you select an output/input from your soundcard for recording (You can even re-master your LP).

(5)   MusicStacker technology does not have the 3 to 6 second delay associated with other software.

(6) The digitally recorded/re-mastered music can be enjoyed freely and moved to other media such as MP3-player, iPod, or CD.



MusicStacker’s sound quality is simply the best.


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The steps are simple:

(1) Select Source directory and type (i.e. wma, mp4, m4a).

(2) Select the destination director and out put file type (i.e. mp3, wav, ogg, raw)

(3) Select the sound card and sound line (select a sound line with “wave” or “Mix” for most application)

(4) Pick the file you want to re-master from the list of file by checking it.

(5) Click “Play and Record” to start your recording/re-master.





Windows 98 and Windows XP


Download Users Manual For MusicStacker    Contact use 


MusicStacker is compatible with: Napster (wma), iTunes (m4p, m4a), iPod and other online music store. MusicStacker disables DRM in the file/copy that it creates.  The copy can be burned to CD or moved to any mp3 player “To Go”. DRM means digital rights management. This is simply the best way to remove DRM from your music. DRM Removal has never been easier.



Note that: iTunes ,Napster, and iPod are not trade mark of New Concept Software